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When I was about 15 years old I didn't do much sports, exercise and my eating habits were bad to say the least. I was overweight and found this quite annoying, this made me insecure. To lose my weight and build self-confidence, I joined a gym. Enthusiastically I visited this gym four times a week. Due to my own approach, this gave little success until I started to deepen myself in training and nutrition. During my deepening I became so fascinated in everything that had to do with strength training and nutrition. That I decided I wanted to become a personal trainer.

My current situation

At the moment (anno 2022) I have lost my excess weight, I regularly visit the gym, I have been active in the fitness industry for 13 years and I obtained my HBO sports science (lifestyle & health). As an experience expert and exercise professional I always feel very involved in the results of my clients, I just want to sincerely help you further. “My goal is to help you to a lasting one through training & coaching, with compassion & daring honesty”

My mission

My mission is to coach and train you towards lasting results. By means of a no-nonsense approach, in which hard training, learning moment and change are central.

Bottom line: we're going to work from your current point A to your point B.

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My hobby’s

It won't surprise you but I like training and I also like to play music, working on my personal development. I also like to dance salsa every now and then. 

My personality

Resultaat gericht en weet niet van ophouden (wees gewaarschuwd ;). Ik hou van mensen uitdagen. Kan overal wel de grap van in zien. Soms iets te serieus. Vind het prettig om met taak en resultaat gerichte mensen te werken. Zelf ben ik niet heel erg van de bloemetjes en bijtjes gesprekken maar prefereer gesprekken met diepgang. 

My quotes

Sometimes u win sometimes u learn.